Tvtap Pro App Download [Latest Version]

Smartphones have made watching television much more comfortable than in the past days. Now you don’t have to stick to your Tv to watch your favourite tv shows, news, sports news or even movies you can now watch live television using your smartphone by just downloading and installing TvTap Pro App in your device.

By using Tvtap Pro apk, you can get access to 800+ tv channel from all across the world. You can watch the channel of any country be it USA, Russia, Spain, Itlay or India. You just need to have a good internet connection to watch your favourite Tv shows on the TvTap app.

Tvtap is totally ad-free which makes it best live Tv streaming app for android.

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Tvtap Pro Apk Features

The app can be installed very easily on your smartphone but before sharing the downloading link and the installation guide for the Tvtap Pro let me share some amazing features of the Tvtap. Also, Tvtap Pro App is totally ad-free

  • Attractive user-interface – TvTap Pro Apk has an outstanding user-interface which makes it easier to browse through channels. The user interface is spotless and equally beautiful.
  • Buffer-free streaming – You might have installed many Livestreaming Tv apps, and you might have experienced streaming of video content through slow servers. But this is not the problem with TvTap it plays content through very high-speed servers, which ensures buffer-free playback experience.
  • Lightweight – TvTap APP is a very light application it hardly occupies 30MB of space in your smartphone. So, you don’t need to worry about storage space in your smartphone.
  • Add channels to Favorites List– In TvTap Pro APK, you can also add your favourite channels to “Favorites” list. This makes it very easy to find your favourite channels, and you don’t have to search for them every time you open the application.
  • Recently watched list – If you want to watch the fantastic show that you watched yesterday but don’t remember which channels it was streaming on TvTap Pro has a section of Recently viewed categories where you can find all the programs you watched before.
  • Schedule TV Shows– There is a fantastic feature in Tvtap app, and, i.e. you can schedule see tv serial schedule in TvTap app
  • Media player – TvTap Pro APK has an inbuilt media player known as Go Player to stream live tv channels though you can also use other media players such as MX Player or VLC Player to stream live TV content.
  • Content Availability – There is Media content from all over the world available on TvTap Pro. You can watch over 800+ TV channels on TvTap Pro from countries like USA, India, Russia, UK, France, Italy etc. Developers are also planning on adding more channels in the future.
  • App compatibility – TvTap APP can be downloaded on all Android smartphones and tablets with Android version higher than 4.0. Another than Android, you can also download TvTap Pro on Desktop, Android TV, FireTv, Mac and ios as well
  • No root install – TvTap Pro does not require any root access for its installation. So, anyone who is having a rooted or non-rooted android smartphone can install and download this app.

These are just a few features of the Tvtap app to get full experience you need to download and use the application and find more about the app.

Tvtap Application Details

ApplicationTvtap Pro
File Size10 MB
Release DateMay 21 2018
CompatibilityAndroid Version Greater Than 4.0
File TypeApk

Download And Install Tvtap Pro On Android

Tvtap is a very famous live tv streaming application and being a very famous application it is still not available on play store so you need to download the application using its official website or from any third party.

Steps To Download Tvtap Pro on Android

  • You need to download the apk version of Tvtap pro by following the below-given button
  • After you have downloaded the file just go to your settings and Make sure that Unknown Sources are switched to enabled or enable them in Settings > Security
Check Unknown Sources
  • Now you need to go to the download location of the file and click on the file to start the installation for Tvtap for android.

Tvtap pro apk

  • Then click the install button and the installation process will begin
  • After the installation is complete just click on Open and enjoy Tvtap app
  • Now on the home screen, you would be easily able to locate the icon of Tvtap Pro.

Latest Updates Of Tvtap Pro

  • Buffering issues are now solved for USA channels
  • Addition of New channels in Switzerland
  • Fix of crash Bug in Huawei
  • Addition of some new channel in the UK
  • Many channels combined in Italy and those are Juventus, Roma Tv, Milan Tv, Nat geo people, Discovery science, Fox animation, Lei, Real-time, Dmax, Automoto, Bike.

Note: Updates occur naturally you do not have to anything.

Changes In The Tvtap Pro Application

Tvtap app developers has released many changes since the launch of version 1.9.

  • The “All Channels” category name changes to the “Home” category.
  • Now you can change the home screen from settings to your favourite screen.
  • The built-in player display is redesigned. Now underneath the player, you can see the Favorite, Similar & Schedule options.
  • There are plenty of channels added on top of that also many minor bugs are removed.

Note: The latest version of the TvTap Pro v2.2 is only available for Android devices

Tvtap Pro Not Working? Solution Below

We all knew how popular the TvTap Pro app is, millions of users make use of the Tvtap pro application. The Tvtap pro ad-free app has many problems. Some of it’s a buffering issue. So to solve the buffering issue of Tvtap app. You need to do the following steps

  • You need to go to settings of your android device and search for application manager or app manager
  • Now in application manager find Tvtap Pro
  • Click on Tvtap Pro and select clear cache
  • Now return to the Tvtap pro application and open that to watch buffer free tv.
  • If you still have some issues, then the main thing you need to do is upgrade the app to the latest version.


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